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Why do I need a parking lock? According to the survey: the number of cars is still growing in an alarming way, which promotes the current situation that "parking is difficult" to turn white hot. How to find an effective way to alleviate the problem of parking difficulties, caused a storm on the Internet. For parking to ease the difficulty, the citizens have a move. Mr. Chen suggested, "if you can build some parking lots at the subway entrance or the departure station where the traffic is dense, some car owners can park and transfer.". It can reduce traffic pressure and some parking problems.

So, can the parking lot near the subway departure station meet the transfer needs of the public? To this end, the reporter visited the southernmost end of Metro Line 2, Weiqu south station, to investigate the parking space here. Out of the subway entrance, there is a lot of open space. There are more than ten cars parked on it, which are equipped with neat parking locks. It is understood that this is a newly popular car lock. Unexpectedly, it has been put into use in many places. The reporter found that because it is still under construction and development, the flow of people is not very large. Ask the security guard of the surrounding area if there is a large public parking lot, and the other side answers "no".

Netizen Mr. Shi suggested: "more cars and less parking spaces, you can limit cars, go out and drive less, but also reduce some pollution. In some sections, the traffic flow is small, and the parking on both sides of the road will not affect the normal driving of the traffic flow, and temporary parking within the specified time can be allowed. Some government departments have free parking spaces in their yards, which can also be opened to the public. " Mr. Shi said frankly: "the most fundamental thing is to consider the problem of parking difficulty in the early planning. Now many places are undergoing the transformation of villages in the city. When planning, we should design and build some underground garages and three-dimensional garages to alleviate the problem of parking difficulty. We must learn from the lessons we learned before. We thought we didn't install it and didn't park according to the rules. We are now equipped with the Changcheng parking lock, which is much more convenient for parking, so as to ensure that each community owner has a separate parking space and takes the seat according to the number. "

Reporters visited many places and found that some of the cars in the underground garage of the residential area, which is often equipped with a parking lock, are parked neatly without crossing the border or parking in disorder. "Difficult parking" is an urgent problem to be solved. It is believed that the emergence of frequent parking lock can change such a problem very well, which bodes well for the social atmosphere and humanistic spirit.