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The number of cars is increasing at an amazing speed, which has shocked the land. The urban space is gradually squeezed, but there is no place to park the car. Many netizens have said that it's like buying a sword but not a scabbard, and the prestige is discounted when driving. With the phenomenon of parking difficulty becoming more and more common, some social problems caused by it have attracted people's attention. The benefits of car owners, such as parking lock, remote control parking lock and charging free parking lock, have gradually entered people's lives and become the focus of people's attention.

Why can parking difficulty become a social problem? It is understood that due to the lack of parking spaces in the community, many residents park their cars in the temporary parking spaces on the roads around the community, which reduces the road traffic capacity and has a certain impact on the travel and traffic safety of the citizens.

In order to alleviate the phenomenon of parking difficulty, many communities use the green belt and the part of the road as parking space, squeezing the residents' leisure and entertainment space. However, in some communities, due to the lack of parking space, many households directly drive their cars on the sidewalk of the community, which has an impact on the travel of the citizens.