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Requirements for investment promotion and franchise:

Formal registration of companies, wholesale market stores and other legal procedures. There are fixed office and storage places. It has certain economic strength, good business reputation and good public relations resources in the local area. With the experience of market promotion and expansion, it can effectively improve the market share and market reputation of the regular brand. Identify with the brand management concept of Changcheng and cooperate with the company's development strategy. The company has a strong design and R & D team, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers at any time. Dealers can change the design at any time when they need to adjust the structure and function of other products.

Dealer advantage:

1. Enjoy the dealer's preferential price.

2. Free technical training and publicity materials can be obtained.

3. For large engineering projects, the head office provides comprehensive technical and financial assistance. The ultimate goal is to meet the needs of customers, care about the interests of dealers and win-win with dealers. Basic process of investment promotion and franchising: submit the application for franchising, inspect the local market, discuss the business, evaluate the strength of franchisees, invite the interested franchisees to inspect and sign the samples of the franchising contract, provide the management and after-sales service of the store accessories